The Jim Moran Heart and Vascular Research Institute at Holy Cross Hospital is a cardiovascular research center specializing in cutting-edge clinical trials for the diagnosis and treatment of heart, coronary artery and vascular disease. We're pursuing an advanced scientific and clinical research agenda, enabling Holy Cross Hospital and its physicians to offer patients access to advanced clinical therapies that would otherwise not be available in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida and beyond

The Neuroscience Institute at Holy Cross, with its expert physicians and supportive staff, are specifically trained to work with patients who suffer from neurological and spine disorders that cause: back pain, headaches, stroke, seizures, and memory loss, to name a few. Our team’s passion for science and compassion for our patients’ well-being are what makes the Neuroscience Institute at Holy Cross so special.

If you're more than 100 pounds overweight, Bariatric Surgery can be the answer you're looking for to help lose the weight and maintain a healthier life. Holy Cross Hospital's Comprehensive Bariatric Services offer many different options and is the leader in obesity surgery, gastric bypass surgery and weight-loss surgery in South Florida. In fact, our surgeons have performed weight-loss surgery on more than 5,000 patients, helping them to lose more than 660,000 pounds combined.